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Shower Unit RD 3000

Reference(s): RD3000Shower Unit RD 3000

The shower trailer RD 3000 is designed to accomodate approximately 150 people every two hours.
- 150 PEOPLE IN 2 H

Shower Unit RD 3000

It is equipped with 8 cubicles and two foldable sinks with six taps supplied with regulated hot water whose temperature can be adjusted from 35°C to 42°C.
Thanks to its water saving taps and shower nozzles, the RD300 can reduce up to 65% the water and energy consumption compared to the traditional system.
The unit is fully autonomous thanks to an air-cooled diesel electric generator and the new high efficiency SERT's multi liquid fuel burners.
This unit is mounted on an off road chassis/axle. It can be transported by aircraft and by sea. Its capabilities have been proven during various missions worldwide.
Four foldable walkways as well as four corner doors and stairs make a sheltered area of 13 m², 70 cm above the ground, preventing people from wind, sand, dust, snow, rain etc...

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