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CateringTrailers or PlatformsCold Trailer RFC 2500

Cold Trailer RFC 2500

Reference(s): RFC2500Cold Trailer RFC 2500

The cold trailer RFC 2500 is designed to preserve food either at positive or negative cold (+5°C to -18°C).
- 2,5 M³ STORAGE

Cold Trailer RFC 2500

It is equipped with two independent and efficient frigorific containers of 1.25 m³ each for an external temperature above 49°C. The all stainless steel chassis of the unit ensures a maximum longevity and their industrial design has proven their durability in all tests.
The reduction of the electric consumption allowed to integrate a new diesel generator in continuous service more environmentally friendly. Its location in a soundproof box guarantee a noise level under control.
This very mobile unit is mounted on an off road chassis / axle. It can be transported by aircraft and by sea. Its capabilities have been proven during various missions worldwide.
The expandable platform offers to the users a sheltered working area of 14 m², 70 cm above the ground, preventing the operators from dust, sand, mud, rain, snow etc...
It can be coupled with the field kitchen and the field bakery by an aluminum junction part (allowing the operators to pass from one to another unit) to have a catering complex.

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