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CateringTrailers or PlatformsPlatform Field Kitchen CRP 1000

Platform Field Kitchen CRP 1000

Reference(s): CRP1000Platform Field Kitchen CRP 1000

The platform field kitchen CRP 1000 is designed to ensure fast and efficient catering for 500 to 1000 people in the field.
- UP TO 1000 MEALS

Platform Field Kitchen CRP 1000

This unit is equipped with four circular new generation catering modules, all in stainless steel. The layout of the catering equipment can be made according to the customers' demands with kettles of 200 litres, double-walled pressure cooker of 150 litres, fry pans of 70 litres or woks diameter 800 mm.
This catering unit consumes low electric power due to its latest-generation components. Its low-power generator ensures full autonomy.
The power of the new SERT's high efficiency multi liquid fuel burners ensures the fast rise in temperature of the cooking equipment.
This highly mobile unit is mounted on an all tracks trailer which can be towed by tactical prime mover and transported by aircraft and by sea.
The expandable platform offers to the users a sheltered work area of 13 m², 70 cm above the ground.
A complete catering complex is obtained by positioning the field kitchen with the refrigeration and the bakery trailers.

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