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CateringLight ModulesModular Catering Equipments RCM

Modular Catering Equipments RCM

Reference(s): RCMModular Catering Equipments RCM

These items are available in 3 versions of gastronorm (GN) multifunction cooking modules.

Modular Catering Equipments RCM

Their rapid deployment allows to respond to all emergencies. Their compact size allows easy transport both on a trailer and behind a pickup or truck. They can also be mounted on trailers RCM 150 & RCMP 500 or in containers.
The MultiSert module has the functions of either kettle for 2 dishes GN 1/1 or thick bottom fry pan or twin basket deep fryer.
The CombiSert module is a combined fan assisted / steam oven with 16 or 12 levels GN 1/1 with 4 cooking programs.
The DuoSert module has the functions of fan assisted oven with 6 or 4 levels GN 1/1, with hot plate or corrugated griddle, or stainless steel fry pan.
These extremely durable cooking modules are stainless steel food grade built. They have an automatic regulation, an ergonomic control panel and low consumption thanks to the new highly efficient SERT multi liquid fuel burner equipping the whole range.
In addition, the range of the cooking modules includes a sink module integrating a water superheater and a dish storage module 16 or 12 levels GN 1/1.
The kitchen trailers RCM 150 and RCMP 500 are fully autonomous with their own power set and can be equipped with either one or 2 or 6 modules.

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