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SanitationContainers and VehiclesLaundry Container CB 500

Laundry Container CB 500

Reference(s): CB 500Laundry Container CB 500

The containerized laundry unit CB 500 is designed to support 150 to 500 people in the field.


Laundry Container CB 500

It includes 5 professional washer-extractors of 10 kg and 5 professional dryers of 10 kg resulting in a capacity of 50 kg of dry linen per hour.

In the self-service version, the use of laundry equipment can be controlled by a token device or a change machine. The super spin drying technology of the washers reduces drying time and energy consumption.
The fine positioning of the equipment optimizes the ergonomy and the hygiene thanks to the partition in two areas of the unit :

• a large laundry area on the front face of the machines.
• a fully separated technical space, easy to reach and located at the rear of the washers and dryers.

The unit is fully autonomous thanks to its in-board diesel power generator, low speed 1500 rpm,in continuous service.
This 20 ft ISO container can be easily set up in operation in one hour thanks to its two folding expending sides gas jacks assisted.

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