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SanitationLight ModulesHygiene Modules MC1000-MC500-MD & ML

Hygiene Modules MC1000-MC500-MD & ML

Reference(s): MC1000-MC500-MD & MLHygiene Modules MC1000-MC500-MD & ML

These modular facilities include modular water heater modules, showers modules and wash basin modules. Their rapid expansion can cover all emergencies.

Hygiene Modules MC1000-MC500-MD & ML

Their compact size and their identical dimensions basis (900 x 750) allow storage by stacking and an easy transportation as well on a towed trailer like RDM as in the rear of a pickup or a truck.
The water heater modules with an integrated water pump are available in two versions (MC 1000 and MC 500) allowing to respectively supply four or two modules. They can provide a continuous flow of 1000 l/h for the MC 1000 and 500 l/h for the MC 500 thanks to the new high efficiency SERT's multi liquid fuel burner.
The shower modules MD are in the form of a light and expandable composite material container. This offers to the users a comfortable individual cubicle when deployed.
The wash basin modules ML include a composite material vat with 2 or 4 spring taps and four legs.
The complete system can be fully autonomous with a power generator.

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