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Life campTrailers or PlatformsVersatile Trailer RM 3500

Versatile Trailer RM 3500

Reference(s): RM3500Versatile Trailer RM 3500

The SERT versatile trailer RM 3500 is designed to carry all type of field equipments thanks to multiple lashing devices.

Versatile Trailer RM 3500

It is a all tracks trailer which can be towed by almost all tactical prime movers. It can be air lifted by military air cargo. It can be handled by crane and by forklifts.
This trailer has a loading capacity of 2100 kg and is currently used for the following transport :
Water or fuel tanks.
Air beam or regular tents and air conditioner or space heater.
Electric power generator.
Unwinding and laying of barbed wire (Concertina).
Refrigerated containers.
Crate, bags, boxes containing various goods or materials.
Water treatment plant.

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