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Quality & Environment

Quality Management

SERT is certified ISO 9001 for its entire business.
Historically, quality is a major value of the company and taking it into account has successfully participated in its growth.

Our activities of design, achievement, refurbishment and marketing of life support equipment in all situations, fully meet the requirements of our clients to their satisfaction and to the continuous improvement of the Quality & Environment Management system.
SERT is also certified AQAP 2110 to ensure the inclusion of specific requirements of the Defense sector in our management system.

Environmental Management

Concerned about its impact on the natural environment, SERT is committed to an environmental policy and has obtained the ISO 14001 certification. 

To ensure the efficiency of its Quality & Environment Management System, SERT is committed to:

- Comply with applicable regualtory requirements
- Design products to minimize their impact on the environment
- Have a careful management of our flows
- master our energy consumption and emissions in the environment
- Prevent possible polluitons

Our Quality & Environment Management system should enable us to consistently provide products and services conform to our customers' requirements and to the applicable regulatory requirements in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers and all our stakeholders.

For Quality & Environment Policy, please express your request to:

For all other inquiries, please send a letter to the Head Office to the attention of Quality & Environment department.